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Mosquito Control

We all know just how bad mosquito season can get in Michigan. Sitting in the backyard without bug spray on is unthinkable.

Have you tried to eat outside on your deck at night only to be forced in by mosquitoes? Are you that one in the family that mosquitoes always find no matter where you are or what time?

We get it and Mosquito Squad takes care of it. Previously, your choices were citronella candles, powerful chemical sprays that you had to put on your skin, or even resorting to sitting too close to the fire pit because it was too hot for the mosquitoes.

Barrier Treatment: How It Works

Barrier protection mosquito control treatments are applied to your entire yard. Starting from the perimeter and working inward, our trained and licensed technicians treat your yard every 2-3 weeks for mosquito protection. The treatment acts as a barrier in your yard protecting you from 85-90% of the mosquitoes. Not only does the treatment eliminate mosquitoes on contact, but it also continues to work for up to 3 weeks.

Our micro-encapsulated yard treatment adheres itself to green plants and other surfaces where mosquitoes harbor. Mosquitoes are eliminated when they land on the areas we treat. We recommend staying out of the yard for about 30 minutes after your yard is treated. After that, enjoy your yard mosquito free.

What about flowering plants and beneficial bugs? At Mosquito Squad, we pay special attention to protecting beneficial insects. We do not treat flowering plants or trees. Our licensed technicians are well trained and treat your yard as it is their own.

How about your dog and cat?

Have no fear. Just keep them inside for 30 minutes after your yard is treated and they can enjoy playing in the grass and doing everything they love in your yard.

Our Process – It’s All About You

  • We provide you with your treatment dates for the season.
  • We send a reminder notice along with our ETA the day before each treatment.
  • We text you when your the next customer on the route.
  • We check in with you when we arrive.
  • We provide a summary of your treatment immediately after your yard has been protected.
  • We return no questions asked if your not 100% satisfied with the treatment.

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